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Inyati Nitrile/PVC Yellow opper/ black sole boot

PVC black upper/ black sole boot for general purpose

PVC white upper/ white sole boot for food processing industry

Green upper/ yellow sole with steel toe cap and penetration resistant midsole


Leather leg guard for welders

Safety Shoes , Brand -"safetyking" steel toe cap meet 200 joules impact test, oil&acid resistant sole, anti-slip


Safety Shoes , Brand - "kings" steel toe cap meet 200 jouls impact test, steel mid sole, oil & acid resistant sole, anti static, anti-slip


Chemical Sorbent Folded Spill kit, sorbent capacity : 15 gallons, packing 3 rolls/case

Chemical Sorbent Folded Spill Kit, sorbent capacity : 20 gallon, packing : 1 kit

Road Safety Blinkers

Traffic Cone, Orange with reflctive sleeve, Size: 18", 24", 30"

Fire Blankets Loomstate Style standard size of 4'*4' , 4'*6' , 6'*6'

The world of work is changing and with it the demands on protective footwear. What applies today may no longer be valid tomorrow, which is why we are always looking beyond what is currently possible to future market needs. Safety footwear not only have to meet a huge variety of requirements and safety standards, they are increasingly also judged on criteria  such as designs, colors, materials and comfort.
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