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Ear Muff
29 dB NRR certified, highest comfort, soft padded steel headband,

Ear Muff
24 dB NRR certified, lightweight,

Ear Muff
30 dB NRR certified, padded headband, large earcup, self-aliging ear cups

Ear Muff
28 dB NRR certified, reinforced padded headband, soft foam earcup cushions, self-aligning earcups

Ear Plugs , 25 dB NRR
corded quattro ear plugs packaged in individual poly-bag 100 per despencer box

Ear Plugs , 25 dB NRR
standard quattro ear plugs, with plastic case and chin, packaged in individual poly-bags, 50 units per bag

Ear plugs , 30 dB NRR
500 pairs

Ear plugs Dispenser

For Your More Safety Information

Ear plugs , 29 dB NRR
Soft foam with pillow packs

Sound creates pressure waves in the air. These consist of mechanical energy which is transmitted to the organs of hearing via the ear drum. Nature designed the organs of hearing to handle natural sound levels. However. in today's world there are many new man-made sources of noise; louder noises and one which exist in our immediate environment all day. To avoid damaging our hearing we should protect our ears from such noise overdose.
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