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Dust and chemical goggle with clear anti-mist polycarbonate lens

Overspecs with clear polycarbonate frame lens.

Clear chipping goggle with clear anti-mist polycarbonate lens

Safety spectacles
Black frame and clear/grey lens

In many working environments, protection for the eyes is mandatory. Employers must provide personal protective equipment that offers suitable protection to personnel who may be exposed to potential health risk. All eye protector must conforms to the industrial eye protection standard. The standard provided by each products is indicated by the marking on the lens and the body of the products. We offer a wide range of eye protector to suit nearly every preference, many of them high-fashion designs that are virtually indistinguishable from "Street-Wear". Those who are pleased with their safety glasses tend to wear them more consistently.
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Safety spectacles
Blue/white frame with in/out lens

Safety spectacles
Black frame with milti-coat lens

Safety spectacles
Red/blue/white frame with clear lens

Flip-up welding goggles




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